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In order to get more information ( better services, you could register as our member. It goes as the next steps:
First, Clip the registration on the left top of our webpage(;
Second, after choosing your sort, you could begin to fill in company information, please ensure its authenticity.
Third, for information’s veracity, you will enter another webpage to ensure, click “Submission” button.
Now, you have finished the registration, when we get your personal information, we will begin to service for you. Any problems, please phone us to: 010-82614113。

1. Purchasing information:

first, issue the products’ type you will purchase, there are two different way, one is for batch and the other is piece by piece. Second, you could manage the purchasing information, file them and get the suppliers.

2. Price receiving:

first, you could get the quoted price, manage and keep them. Second, reply suppliers and leave messages

3. Supply information:

you could make quoted price according to the supply and demand channel information.

4. Issuing supply information:

there are two ways to issue, one is for batch and the other is piece by piece. You could also manage the information, file or delete them.

5. Stockpile management:

first, enter stockpile management channel, you could easily upload your information. There are three ways for you to upload: one is for batch, change the Excel’s postfix *.XLs into *.CSV, make sure the file is less than 2M, another is to copy EXCEL data directly to the webpage, please makes sure each time you should upload less than 2,000 pieces, the last is upload piece by piece, remember not to less than zero. Second, you could delete or revise your stockpile information

6. Price information received:

first, you could upload your stockpile or supply information, once your information is reviewed by others, they can send you messages, when you could do is to reply the quoted prices or delete them. (We could automatically send your reply to buyers.) Second, the waiting list of quoted price is to save the unanswered question, once you received the quoted price list from the supplier and replied them, the list could be saved systematically. The deleted quoted price list is just for search.

7. Demand information:

you could browse the demand information online and make deal with suppliers; you could also manage your own quoted price. You could search multiply or singly, leave messages to customers.

8、My quoted price:

manage the quoted price, file them or leave messages.

9.My personal information:

.you could revise the personal registration information and look over your trust rank.

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